How Donald Trump became President

Donald Trump is president. How could this happen?

1) Democrats thought this was in the bag.
2) Pollsters could not account for the 10% who kept secret their desire for the underdog.
3) Trump’s strategy was to speak to the people who are fed up with health care, jobs, economy, welfare and Colin Kaepernick.
4) The next Supreme Court nominees would be liberal and we need balance where laws are adjudicated.
5) Hillary Clinton and her husband have been in the White House before. There was scandal and it seems to follow them.

6) Perhaps, this is going to seem the most obvious: Trump could propose change while his opponent represented more of the same as a critical part of Barrack Obama’s oft maligned tenure.

Getting back to that polling thing. Telling people Hillary is leading causes some supporters to relax. It tells others who they are supposed to vote for, and people who don’t like the media vote for Trump.

Now, we get a reprieve from attack ads. So, cue liberals telling us #America is being held hostage by the new leadership for the next four years, just like Rush Limbaugh did during Bill Clinton’s eight years as commander in chief.


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Lifelong hunter and gatherer of news. Legally blind. Type A personality in a Type B setting.
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